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Since 1963, we have been a single stop total solution from idea to market.

"Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration."

-Thomas A. Edison

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We're a product design company with nearly 60 years of success.

Since 1963, the team at HLB has helped everyone from mom & pop inventors to major corporations bring to market some of the most well-known and innovative products of the past five decades.

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We don’t do product research behind a desk. Our team consults with the people who will be working with your product in the real world, as they are the experts. We study how they will use the device, the environment in which it is utilized and what requirements are needed to make the product a success.

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Industrial Design

Product designs are only good when they solve problems. From aesthetics to defining critical features, our holistic approach to product design has an unprecedented track record of success.

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We will work with your manufacturing facility or using our 50+ years of global production experience, HLB will help you find a facility to build your product. We will then design and engineer it so that the selected facility can produce the product to meet your quality and cost targets.

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At HLB, thinking in siloes is not allowed. Our highly experienced engineers work closely with designers to create products that achieve high performance.

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Marketing & Web Desigin

People can’t buy products they don’t know about. HLB has decades of experience creating custom marketing plans that will drive customers to your door. We also partner with one of the most successful website designers and developers in the nation,

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Crowd Funding

Crowd funding campaigns have successfully financed the launch of many new products. We can help you put together the right crowd funding program that will accomplish your business objectives.

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Our Impact

Spanning nearly 60 years of product innovation

Ron Popeil Pocket Fisherman

Fact Plus Home Pregnancy Test

Makita Saw Design

Roan Dust Collecting Circular Saw

Gilbarco Petroleum Dispenser

Bunn My Cafe Brewer

Journey Knee Tools

Embrace Heart Stabilizer

The First Years

Harmony™ Ergonomic Scalers Designed With Trufit™ Technology

Product Design &
Development Strategies

If you are an inventor or company that wants to take a product from the drawing board to the marketplace, contact us today. Let us put our decades of experience, knowledge and global resources to work for you.

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