Product Concept Evaluation

Having nearly 60 years of unmatched expertise, our team will help make your idea more marketable and profitable.

Our highly experienced New Product Development Team will conduct preliminary research, consult with HLB partners and other resources to evaluate the viability of your new product.

Our Investigation

We will explore potential competition from similar or substitute products on the market today. Intellectual property records and documents will be examined for both conflicts and opportunities. Additionally, potential safety and regulatory issues will be researched, as well as what governmental agency approvals might be needed.

Our Deliverables

Images will supplement written documentation. Black and white line drawings will be created to explore the concept’s physical characteristics and dimensions.

Major design and engineering tasks will be outlined with challenges noted. Conceptual manufacturing and assembly processes will be explored.

Further Development

Our Product Evaluation Services are intended to be a high level review of a product’s potential viability in the marketplace. However, this initial evaluation is not intended to be entirely conclusive. Further research and study will need to be completed should you decide to move forward on developing your concept.

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