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When it comes to product development, the engineering stage is where the proverbial rubber meets the road. Since 1963, the experts at HLB have been dedicated to the notion that the best engineered products are simpler than they are complicated, function well and just importantly, can be manufactured successfully.

Simply put, we are industry leaders in developing products that are beautifully designed, perform as they should and can be produced.   

In addition, we have maintained a long standing culture where our designers, engineers and manufacturing partners work in close partnership with each other. HLB believes in collaboration. A designer cannot create a product that won’t function properly or last. Nor will we engineer something that can’t be made.    

While the rest of the world may see design, engineering and manufacturing as three distinct and separate stages of product development, we consider them to be beautifully interdependent pieces of an even greater whole.      

Case Studies

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HLB has nearly 60 years of experience coaching and helping our clients bring their ideas to life. Check out some of our case studies to learn more.