Case Study

Makita Saw Design

The Challenge

Develop the next generation power saw that would improve margins and raise sales volume.  Construction workers purchase their own power tools, so the research HLB did focused on their needs, preferences and price sensitivity as a top priority. We also evaluated all of the geographic areas in which the saw would be sold.

The Solution

We determined that the human factors regarding the use of the Makita saw were very important, including balance of the machine, clear visibility of cutting action and comfort of the handle. We carefully studied how effectively these critical factors would perform during a normal work day.

Additionally, it was determined that although the price of the product did play a role in the purchase decision making process, these critical features notably lessened a potential buyer’s focus on price. There was also evidence that attractive design aesthetics had the potential to influence the buying decision as well.

The Results

As a result of the design components integrated into the saw design by HLB, the marketplace responded by delivering to Makita a 16% increase in sales, as well as wider margins on the product.

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